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Jan 25, 2004
SLX.BIZ@Godaddy Very easy to pronounce and remember. :cheeky:
Domain Expiration Date: Sat Mar 18 23:59:59 GMT 2006

There is a good chance for you to get a three which begin with the best letter S.
S mean many many thing!!!
X can mean :expert,exchange,extreme,exact,exam,sex,xxx,roman number 10....

Below are the OverTure for SLX:
acura slx 18.1 /day
acura rating slx used 7.4 /day
slx 6.4 /day
slx wireless 5.0 /day

Google Result: 573,000 for slx(only few 3 letter have such more result)
Please do a search on google,you will find there are many compnay called SLX,and SLX is also called 'SLX Wireless Systems'.

Price is $50->$40->$30->$20 via paypal.Name has been list at other forums,post sold to claim.And time stamp will decide the winner.

I will also consider offers,please PM me your offer,but maybe some one will post SOLD to buy it before I reply your offer. :)
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