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Jul 7, 2002
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I have read all over that .com is the preffered extention. How about .net

I have a domain name in mind that's 2 words. Now when i put it in google and oveture, should i be typing in the 2 words separated by a space ? or as the domain name would be ie:

greatdomain or great domain?

This one I have in mind gets no hits in overture when typed in as greatdomain but when type in great domain it gets 1137.

Same goes with google, typed as greatdomain it gets 21,100 but when typed in as great domain it goes to a whopping about 1,680,000.

So fianlly i come to my real question. If I get these stats on a *.net does it mean it is worthwhile.


when you use google, put the term in quotes e.g.

"great domain"

this gives 14,000 not 1,680,000 (which is pages with "great" and "domain" but not necessarily the exact phrase)

i wouldn't waste time with .net's unless the term is a very good commercial one which needs more than just google/ov stats to interpret that.

I tend to agree on the .net's not many of them have value in my opinion unless its a prime one, seems to be very little interest above usage by small sites.


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Jun 29, 2002
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dot com is the default, even if you have a great .Net - it'll just incread the value of the dot com.

2 words no hypen is the default, but get th hyphen if you have 2 great words.

Simplistic - but I have not had my coffee yet ;)
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