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Some informtion or advice.

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Jan 9, 2003
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I brought a name from someone about 9mths ago from someone who catches drops from .co.uk, and me.uk. It was a working site way before that, and I guess it was dropped.

The name is very general, not even a name, it it something like:
bb60.co.uk I wont mention the real name.

I received an email from the .com owner wanting to buy the name. I told him we would sell the name for the price we were looking for. I received this email from them.

Thank you for your reply, we have just spoken to the previous owner of the domain and believe you paid £50 ($90) for the domain (name) In view of this we are prepared to offer you $100 for the domain. We know it’s a high traffic website and this is because it is people looking for us! We are offering you this money as a gesture of good will before submitting our dispute with nominet (The Internet Names Organisation) for abusive registering and use of our registered trading name of 15 years (name) when the outcome will most probably be the forced transfer of the domain to ourselves.

We look forward to your swift reply.


The .net is owned by someone else, the org is free, and many other extentions, some are taken, some are not.

I think they just want the name for the market in the UK

I turned him down of course, and told him to do as he please's. If every
.com owner went after .co.uk or other extensions it could cause a problem
for the industry, and would really not be consided because of the problems it would cause. That means, that I can go after all my .co.uk names, and so can others, and the other way around.

I brought the name, and didnt regisiter it. The name is being used for redirected traffic. What he means by (registered trading name of 15 years )
is very unclear.

Any thoughts, or suggestions on this matter.

Thanks Silverfox
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May 31, 2002
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You need to decide if you care to fight or not. If you do, call your attorney.


Anthony Ng

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May 22, 2002
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silverfox said:
... we have just spoken to the previous owner of the domain and believe you paid £50 ($90) for the domain (name) In view of this we are prepared to offer you $100 for the domain.
My take is that it is more a negotiation tactics. And to be honest, I think his offer of $100 - just $10 more than your cost of acquiring this domain (provided the exchange rate is correct) - is RUDE. He doesn't even render any nominal compensation to you ($10 is NOT even nominal). I would say if he is not bringing this to the court (and therefore the possibility of your paying some punitive damages), let him file his dispute or whatever. I'd pay $100 just for his anxiety. :satan:


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Dec 9, 2002
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I agree with Nameslave, it was rude of him. I would tell him the domain is no longer for sale. I would also find the dumbest picture I could find (maybe some guy picking his nose) and redirect the domain to this picture...oh, yea...almost forgot...renew it an extra couple years just for kicks.
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