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Jul 28, 2003
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Due to time constraints and other commitments, I am currently looking to sell my new sports betting forum. Please find below the details for the site.

DBET.COM - http://www.dbet.com - VB Licence Not Included

Just completed development and ready to be launched as a Sports Betting & Gambling Forum. DBET.COM which can easily be considered as a premium domain has unique sports betting and horse racing scripts designed to enable forum members to bet with their forum points. Admin can set betting on any sports event, matches, races etc. Easy administration through VB control panel. Horse racing script runs races every specified time frame where members can bet on their selected horses. Currently gets around 10-20 uniques a day with NO promotion. Huge potential as a sports betting & gambling forum if advertised and promoted correctly. I will be accepting offers over $300 for this site with a buy now price of $500. Considering I have spent $200 only for the custom betting scripts, this is a very good value.

Payment by PayPal/Credit Card/Western Union/Bank Wire.

Offers and questions by PM or email (sales@namewolf.com).


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