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Premium, Generic, Keyword Rich Domain
Staple/r/rs word has many meanings in the English language
Average Monthly Search Stats - Exact Match 61,875
Average Monthly Search Stats - Broad Match 9,350,000
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Store // Fasteners // Review site // Trade // Places

Staple, stapler or staplers may refer to:

Staple (fastener), a small formed metal fastener
Surgical staple

The Staple, in English historiography, the entire medieval system of trade and its taxation
Staple right, a medieval right of certain German ports to require merchant vessels to unload and display their goods for sale for a certain period, often three days
Statute of the Staple, a statute passed in 1353 by the Parliament of England
Merchants of the Staple, an English company which controlled the export of wool to the continent during the late medieval period Company of Merchant Adventurers of London, brought together London's leading overseas merchants in a regulated company, in the nature of a guild

Staple food, a (store-able) foodstuff that forms the basic constituent of a diet
Staple (textiles), the raw material of fiber from which textiles are made
Staple (wool), wool fibers that naturally form themselves into locks

Staple, Kent, a village in Kent, England near Sandwich
Staple railway station, serving the village of Staple
Staple Fitzpaine, a village and civil parish in Somerset, England
Staple, Nord, a commune in the Nord department in northern France
Staple Hill (disambiguation)
Staple Inn, a building on the south side of High Holborn in London, England
Staple Island, a small rocky island that is one of the outer Farne Islands in Northumberland, England
Staple Bend Tunnel, constructed between 1831 and 1834 for the Allegheny Portage Railroad about 4 miles east of Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Stapleford (disambiguation), a number of places in the United Kingdom

STAPLE!, a convention for creators of comics and other independent media
Staple (band), a Christian post-hardcore band
Staple (2002 album), a 2002 album by Staple
Staple (2004 album), a 2004 album by Staple
Staple (EP), a 2003 EP released by the band Staple
Staple Design, a visual communications agency
Staple financing, describes a form of investment banks pre-arranged financing package offered to potential bidders during an acquisition


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