Strategy, Marketing and Leadership Lessons for New gTLD Registries and Investors

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Mar 9, 2011
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With new gTLDs going live every week for the upcoming couple of years, this interview is applicable to both new registry operators and investors alike.

New gTLD operators, ask yourself:
* What is your strategy for making your top-level domain unique, differentiated and desired by businesses, individuals and investors?
* What is your marketing message and how are you going to market?
* How are you taking a leadership position to help end users make use of your top-level domain?

Investors in the new gTLDs, ask yourself:
* Is the registry you’re currently or potentially investing in clearly communicating answers to the above questions on their website, in marketing literature, and in a blog?

If the answer is no, perhaps you should consider short-term speculation (e.g., buy and quickly flip whatever.tld) rather than long-term investing (i.e., buy and hold for long-term gain) in the top-level domain.

Many believe the .CO registry is the “poster child” for how a new top-level domain answers all the above questions and is succeeding in the minds of individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs. That makes the top-level domain a better investment than many, if not most, other top-level domains other than .com.

It’s worth re-watching this interview to understand why.
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