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I recently made a "kudos" post for the DNF team, and in conjunction with that, I'd like to make a suggestion for voluntary support of this website.

I realize that Dan makes some money from the banner advertising on this site (and thank you for resisting pop-ups!), but I don't think the revenue from that supports the time and effort--and hosting costs--associated with this site.

Membership fees may not be the right way to go, but I'd like to see a link for voluntary payments, perhaps through Amazon's "Honor System" (or even Paypal).

As a domain industry participant and enthusiast, I find that this site has quickly become one of the best resources on the net. It's worth at least $20/year to me to keep this going...and I bet a lot of the other members feel the same way.

If mandatory membership fees aren't the right way to go, at least provide an easy way to contribute financially for those who want to support this site.

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Jun 28, 2002
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Great idea Miles. I would gladly contribute to this also.
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