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Nov 29, 2002
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The following names are just about to hit renewal date or have passed renewal date. Price includes renewal by me for a further year.

Payment by or direct payment to my UK bank account.

enom push.

Price is US10 each plus $7 renewal, ie $17 each.

10% discount for 2 names
15% discount for 4 names
20% discount for 6 names

25% discount for purchasing all names ($140 for the 11 names).

Most have several extensions registered and some have reasonable counts on google or overture without extension.

Sale open for 72 hours from time of post. is getting a fair bit of traffic and earnt me $3+ last year at trafficz. (going into RGP very soon - check availability with me first). (going into RGP soon)

post SOLD to claim.

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