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Top domain, true 5 star blue-chip name 14+ yrs old w/traffic - PC Support (dot com)

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May 15, 2005
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Hey all, it's Focus here :cool:

PC Support (dot com)

I'm going to let this one go for a very reasonable low price for what it is, a true blue-chip and very high value domain with very targeted direct type-in traffic in a valuable and dev worthy vertical with alot of wealthy end-users. This name can be a legitimate cash cow or acquisition target with some basic development and the brand power has instant built in recognition of this BEST possible dot com domain name for this entire market. I have been in the domain business for many years and I have rarely even seen names like this one change hands for less than six figures and sometimes 7 figures. Support for the home and business PC is a HUGE business and there are endless related names in use right now out on the web but they are all a shadow of this category king - PC Support (dot com)

Estibot has it at $112k I think just based on their basic domain metrics and of course it's gone in all extensions as you can imagine with a term like this. The name has obvious organic type-in traffic and always has and always will (gathering some hard stats now, just parked) but I believe it's in the 500+ uniques range per month by direct nav possibly more, this name does have an ovt with ext type-in score of 43 (for those who remember what that is!), it has alexa rank, very old well aged name from '99 making it over 14 years old and counting for excellent SEO opportunity. If there is a domain worth buying and putting up a website it's this one and with the built-in natural traffic by type-in you are looking at possibly one of the very best buys on the market if you are a player at this level. This name certainly can produce a steady income stream online or possibly be an easy flip to a large corporate buyer for several times this price.

First 50k usd takes it and that price is subject to rapid increase once parking stats start rolling in or I pick up the phone and start calling end-users, post sold to claim and I'll make it easy to grab a little piece of a support business goldmine online.

GoDaddy push and payment by escrow or wire, feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss. Please serious buyers only, and easy payment terms may be available to a qualified buyer.

Best Regards,
Chris Williams
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