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Feb 26, 2004
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Hello again DNForum Members! It's been years since I've last posted on here back when Adam was still running things. So if I am not up to par with the rules I do apologize.

Anyhow, getting back into domains is very important to me as my next venture I am jumping into requires it.

2022/03/23 Dynadot

Entertaining the right offers.

Wayback records go back to 2001. I didn't even know that .ws was even alive then TBH!?!?

My original plans for this domain after I got lucky with registering it was to create an IP Tools App website with Grabify type features. I am taking a dive into a different venture and I know that someone would love to use this for the same type of website and a perfect name for it. Well IMO at least 😁

PayPal & Venmo accepted.

Assume ZERO traffic and domain only.

Looking forward in getting back into the game 🤓

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