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.us name worth it?

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Hi I was wondering what everyones opinion of the new .us is?

As .ws and someothers may have been nice, but never compared to .com or .net.

Thanks !!
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.WS = marketing scheme

.US = marketing scheme but at least it's US ! :D

Well, .us is really the re-release of the us ccTLD, without the old regional delegation model. It's long overdue in my opinion.

The pre-registration process for us has far exceeded expectations. It will be interesting to see how many name conflicts we end up with when the registry goes live and processes the applications.


well, nice as it is for America to have their own ccTLD....
ummmm i believe the .com is better than a .us
(as far as Resale value is concerned)

* just think how hard it is to resell .com's that are half way
decent names... ya know?

America is known as the .com country (we ran with the ball)

.us will loose traffic to a .com

it's a scheme to get domain owners IMO who hold a .com
to buy a .us As well as selling new reg's to newcomers who
can't find a suitable .com for their biz... CHAching... :embarrass

Registars can keep their cash registers warm that way.

personally, i will NOT be reg'ing a .us domain.
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