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Feb 8, 2015
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Rare opportunity to get a known acronym in rising .io!

Read review all the way through for bonus at the end..


  • 2,000,000 broad searches/month
  • 8,000,000 results in Google.
  • Short, memorable .io domain with unlimited potential to grow as a company and investor! Value will continue to rise over time.
Premium name for your new start-up company as .io is trendy, on the rise, and could be more memorable since it is shorter than traditional 3 letter extensions .com, .org, .net

From big companies like Microsoft and Google to small start-ups, entrepreneurs and CEO's have adapted to these popular extensions as alternatives that are better suited for long-term success.

Microsoft paid over $24,000 for DOC.io, but even small business owners and entrepreneurs can find success since venture capitalists are fond to the .IO extension.

For example, Keen.io raised over $2,000,000 for their new analytics platform. This is just one very impressive example, but venture capitalist are in the middle of funding these projects as we speak. It's big business and opportunity for them so that means it's big business for you as well!

There are numerous companies, services, and documents that have already caught the attention of the world and have been remembered throughout history.

USAA is short for:

United Services Automobile Association

United States Achievement Academy

United States Arbitration Act of 1925

Other similar LLLL .io sale history:

MEGA .IO sold for $10,000 4/1/2014

FOOD .IO sold for $10,000 3/1/2011

PAID .IO at $6,000 2015 -

TASK .IO sold for $5,500 8/5/2014

SEND .IO sold for $5,000 5/6/2014

LIFT .IO at $3,150 2015 -

FILM .IO at $2,000 2015 -

Evil .IO at $500 2015 - -

USAA.io is short, sounds good, and easy to remember. You also will have a brand that will be easier to trust for clients and visitors with the letters USA.

The winner of USAA.io will have the ability to reach a customer base that will be able to decipher you from the competition as an authority in whatever niche you pursue.

If you are new to domain investing, you should start with this one.. Keep this gem in your domain portfolio and it will be worth 5X what its worth ..or develop it. Win Win opportunity.


I will also be giving the buyer 1 additional domain: HJUV.com

So that's (LLLL premium .io domain) USAA.io and (LLLL .com domain) HJUV.com .

Domains are registered with GoDaddy so easy to push if you have account with them.

Buyer pays all Escrow.com fees.

Send a PM for offer and if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading and good luck!
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