broker Vancouver(.)org (for sale or trade)

Aug 13, 2002
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We're ready to part with our premium Geo domain Vancouver(.)org and we're looking for a broker ready to actively work on it.

We've received a lot of offers in 2010 before/during/after the Olympics and the highest was of $80k ... unfortunately we were asking for a firm $105k at that time so no deal went through.

We had also 2 offers (from diff. buyers) in the $50k range in 2012 but our expectations were too high to even consider such possibility.

Now we're ready to part with it and we're ready to trade against a decent (or any LLL with no vowels/V in it); in alternative, we'd like to evaluate any serious offer for a possible quick deal.
In both cases, we're guaranteeing a fair fee to the broker who'll help in closing the deal.

If interested, PM or email us at: domainsales (at)
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