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vbulletin-er-ize your website

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Jul 16, 2003
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Hey guys,

I am looking to build up my vbulletin portfolio. What i want to do is skin up some styles. If you wouldn't mind giving me permission to use your websites layout and letting me make a forum skin out of it that would be great.

Basicley what i would do is create a new vbulletin style that would fit exactley with the look and feel of your website.

Something like or

You wouldn't actually get anything at all out of letting me do this. Apart from the satisfaction of seeing your website vbulletin-er-ized. I would give you full credit to the design and link to your site at the bottom of the theme.

The skin will only be displayed on my personal website, but if you yourself are running vbulletin i would be more than happy to send the style over so you can use it yourself.

So if your up for it just drop me a PM or reply to this thread and ill get to work.

Cheers guys,
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