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May 5, 2002
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I have a reseller account with an hosting company.

I have it by one month only and so far is working fine though I would not put my hands on fire for it.

That for my offer is NOT directed to people wanting to develop their domains.

My offer is directed to speculators wanting to set-up a page to track the traffic of a domain and, eventually, get some revenue placing affilates banners/links/searches boxes/etc..

The hosting plan is one only:
20 MB space, 1GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited emails (plus all the standard features of any hosting plan)

THe payment options are the following:

1) $15 year and you do what you want with your space and bandwidth (but NO ADULTS NOR ANY ILLEGAL CONTENT)

2) Free if your domain get at least 20 unique visitors daily and you agree in promote on your page (top of page) at least one 2 tier affiliate program you have joined under me (in example CJ or other I will suggest you).

Examples of domains I am running/monitoring using the above hosting are:
and more

As you can see on this board to have reliable stats about the traffic your domain/s are getting is very important.
Getting one of the above plans you will have clear stats to show to potential buyers.
In addition setting up a simple page with affiliate links, with just few vistors daily you might be able to, at least, pay the hosting and renewal fee of your domain.

If interested you can contact me at

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