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WAPfun.com - premium mobile entertainment name.

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Dale Hubbard

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Jan 24, 2003
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WAPfun.com - parked and no traffic stats. This has been a long investment hold for me and I've just brought it out and dusted it off. This is an ideal domain to develop a portal/service addressing entertainment/ringtones/OTA Java/games/polytones/wallpaper/photos on mobile phones via the WAP protocol which every cellphone supports.

This is an excellent market for a developer or marketer/provisioner who understands the WAP protocol and an opportunity to derive a serious amount of traffic. One of the fastest-growing mobile/cellphone markets is application and games delivery OTA (Over The Air).

Huge possibilities for working with the mobile operators both for content and ad revenue.

Free push from GoDaddy.

Payment via PayPal (add 4%) or by direct wire transfer to my Bank of America account.

Starts at $500 just to get it going.


I reserve the right to withdraw at any time, and to decline if my private reserve is not met.

Auction ends exactly seven days from the time of this post on DNF, in DNF time.

Please PM with any questions.

Good luck!
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