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We've got a contest to let you know about : )

Google Wave is a real time collaboration tool that Google has spent years creating and finally released to a small handful of people (for now). Its quite powerful and amazing what it can do, to learn more about it and see it in action, you may watch Google's developer preview video. Google has just released a few invitations to allow a few lucky people the opportunity to start using it, and Bido has 4 invites to give away.

There's three ways that you can enter to win:
1) If you are not yet a Bido member, join from today forward and automatically be entered to win.
2) Post a tweet on Twitter.com: "RT to enter: Wave @Bido to win a Google Wave invitation https://www.bido.com/Info/Contest". We'll keep track of who posts this on Twitter and all will be entered to win.
3) Existing Bido members may also email support@bido.com with subject: "Enter the wave contest" to enter.

So, all new members will automatically be entered to win, as well as anyone who is a member and posts the Tweet or emails support.

Bido will randomly pick and announce the winners on Friday, October 9th, 2009 at 1PM EDT in the lobby of the Bido chatroom.
Entries must be received before October 9th, 2009 at 12PM EDT to be eligible.

Good luck to all entrants!
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