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Fixed prices set for the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Feb 20, 2003
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Would make for an excellent lead generation website. Find leads anywhere along the west coast (Canada, USA, South Africa, UK, etc). Leads can be travel agencies, small to large hotels & resorts, vacation homes, fishing & sailing charters and more. - 3 years old

Excellent name for building a Spa, Hot Tub and Accessories eCommerce or affiliate site off of. Also, great potential for lead generation. Find leads at resorts, spa's & spa getaways.

Past Sales Figures: - $10K - $5K
WestCoastAuto - $5K
WestCoastRacing - $3K
WestCoastProperties - $3K
AtlanticCoastMortgage - $18K - $19,250 - $9,999 - $8,645 - $5,500 - $5,000

If interested PM Dan at cdnbigd on

I am posting these because I think they are great names and good value.

Adam Dicker
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May 11, 2013
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Thanks Adam.

If anyone has any questions please let me know. These would make for excellent lead gen sites. I just do not have time to set this up myself so I'd rather sell them to someone who can really make use of them! Sell to an end user for more or bring in recurring monthly lead gen revenue.

Considering any reasonable offers. Send them in guys!
Bumping up these great names.
  • Easy to remember
  • Aged
  • Passes the radio test
  • Will look great on a commercial/billboard
  • Value & resell value will jump up after development
  • Perfect for lead gen or to sell to an end user
  • Large company (Hotel or Resort chain) can use it for national ad campaign
  • Etc
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