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What domains to grab

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As I go through today's drops, I see a bunch of domains that I figure someone would want - generic 2 word domains (not great, but someone would probably pay $200 for).

I do a google search on the products and see a few dozen companies selling the products - have you guys bought generic product names only to find absolutely no interest?

There is also a fairly generic restaurant domain - i did a search and found about 5 restaurants with that name, some of them using dumpy variations of the name that is available. Should I try?

There is also a fairly common proper name (firstnamelastname.com) that I know someone will pick up - i just doubt someone will pay $200 in the short term for it...

After these ramblings do you guys have any thoughts? I guess the only way to learn is to try...
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Yes, buy low and sell high :D
This way you will make a profit even if you kill the domain.
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