Who can help me sell Metavantis.com for %30 shares?


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Dec 13, 2021
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I just registered the domain a month ago. If you succeed in selling it above $2000 you will be entitled to %30 of the actual sold price. If the domain is sold, just sent a screenshot of the platform or medium you advertise the domain and the date you posted it must be before the domain was sold, that I can verify your help and transfer your share.
For more info contact my email: ApexKind@gmail.com

Here is the domain description:

An extraordinary and forward-looking META-oriented brand name invention, built from the fusion of the word ‘META(means: Beyond)’ and ‘AVANTIS(means: Forward)’.
METAVANTIS is a name with versatile application. Great fit for industries such as a cryptocurrency business, an Agency and Consulting Business, a Metaverse Book Publishing Company, Printing & Minting Services, Web Designs & Development, a Tech Startup, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Business and many more!

Other Relevant Industries: NFTs (non fungible tokens) , Cryptocurrency, Digital Art, Blockchain Technology, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Extended Reality Business (Vr Ar, & Xr), NFT Minting services, EV charging systems, software development, an Internet of Things Brand (IoT), a fitness brand, mobile apps, gyms, solar power, and so much more!

Build the brand of your dreams with this awesome name!


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