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Jun 28, 2022
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This URL is perfect for a variety of personal and business-use purposes. Price is very flexible, please reach out :)

Exact Keyword Match
Easy to Remember
Over 2 years old
.Com Extension
GoDaddy appraises this domain at $1,120- I am willing to part with it for much less.
54,500,000 Average Google search results
This domain receives over 8,100 monthly searches on Google
Advertisers pay up to $1.28 USD per click on this domain
Whenever someone types Wicked Attraction, Wicked Attraction Near Me, The Best Wicked Attraction, or any other phrase with these keywords into their browser your site could be the first they see
You can easily redirect all the traffic this domain gets to your current website

Current Registrar: Godaddy
Renewal Cost: $25 CAD
Expiring: 11/29/22
Payment: Paypal
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