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Jul 20, 2004
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www.wirelesschat.net was started up 4 days ago on the belief that the wireless community can only become bigger and better as this day and age is moving away from wires and to everything becoming wireless.

We at wirelesschat want to share that everyday knowledge of what is happening in the wireless world. This includes cell phone discussion, wireless networking, gprs, g3, 802.11, and many other type of wireless talk.

Wirelesschat will be ran under the corporate identity of NetStartz Web Services based out of Delaware giving us more leaway with different aspects of what we will be doing at wirelesschat.

What we are looking for is about 3-4 staff members who can post daily reviews from different sites like motorola, nokia, verizon, linksys, etc. With this position you will have full moderating privileges with access to our news email that is updated daily with the latest news on all aspects of the wireless community.

At first there will not be pay as we have to see how you work with the community and your knowledge of the wireless world. As you progress you will be given a salary on the amount on reviews you do. This will then progress to a monthly salary and then to you receiving wireless products to fully review and write full articles on the items.

I would love to talk to anyone who is interested more in debth. Please msg me on aim or yahoo at matthewnetstartz or on msn at matthewnetstartz@hotmail.com or you can email me at matthew(at)netstartz.com

Thank you for your time, and you won't regret this incredible opportunity to be apart of the fastly growing NetStartz Corporation.
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