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Jul 19, 2004
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ok guys,
selling a clone of for CHEAP (I need a few more bucks for something)
I'm selling it at the VERY low price of $120 !!!!!
This script is a FULLY TESTED AND WORKING script, and I have sold copies of this for over $210 a piece!

To view a demo, goto

Like I said, this is only for a few days and I WILL raise the price back up!

Also, this script is VERY easy to modify and setup. There is one file that will allow you to modify the names of EVERYTHING (every unit ever weapon etc) and the mods of each one, allowing you to create a unique site.

(The demo uses all the graphics from kings of chaos, if/when you purchase, you must create your own graphics to avoid copyright issues)

Price: $120 selling ONLY 3 copies

Next up is a semi clone of, has most of the features does except their cool editor.
Price: $400 Selling ONLY 1 copy

Next up is a clone. was just purchased for $4,200 !
This clone is basically an exact clone!
To view demo goto
Price: $180 selling ONLY 2 copies

Next up is a clone of the FAMOUS tools that marketleap has.
To see a demo, goto
These tools are VERY hard to make and also made marketleap a VERY well known name in the domain industry.
The demo is almost done, has a few things here and there but when you pay your version will be a fully working/fixed version.

Price: $160 selling ONLY 3 copies

This is on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis, you do NOT get resale rights and you are not allowed to use their graphics!

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