WTS Great Domains RRUZ.com , FFuw.com , SEbooster.com, FrugalSEO.com, and More!

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Aug 17, 2007
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Some of my awesome keyword, Short, & brandable domains for sale.

The dates you see next to the domains are the expiration dates.

Registered at Godaddy

SohoHealth.COM , 2/10/2013
Just type in Soho health at google and see all the health & fitness businesses that uses SOHO health in their brand.
BIN $18

Best*****.com = SOLD

NetCreditLine.COM , 6/21/2012 , Registered in 1999
Great For bank loans, business loans, and lending website. Very old domain and can get you ranked for credit keywords.
BIN $25 ===> $14

FRUGALSEO.COM , 7/13/2012
Great for frugal/cheap SEO services website. Nice brandable name!
BIN $25 ===> $18

R***.COM , 7/27/2012
Nice repeating llll.com

Great keyword domain for buy turnkey websites and businesses.
BIN $9

R****.com = SOLD

ovuw.com , 3/2/2012
Pronounceable domain, currently being used as a lesbian dating website. Search for OVU to see ideas. Could be a nice women's website.
BIN $199 ====> $178

FFUW.com , 2/28/2012
This was formally a "Free File Uploading Website". Has a lot of potential.
BIN $99 ====> $88

Below domains registered at Domainspricedright.com (owned by godaddy, and works just like godaddy)

B***.com = SOLD

ElectricCarsFacts.COM , 8/4/2012
100% unique content about about electric cars facts.
BIN $18

LeaseElectricCars.COM , 8/4/2012
The Electric Cars phase is coming strong. People want to "Lease electric cars". Has website with 100% unique content.
BIN $199 ===> $148

HighPriced.COM , 4/1/2012
Awesome domain for high priced items such as products, lifestyle, domains. Has a website with 100% unique content.
BIN $299 ====> $248

1**.com SOLD

All domains are sold as is with or without website. I do not claim any revenue or traffic. So don't ask for them.

Make me your best offer and let's make a deal! I accept paypal and escrow (buyer pays escrow fees).

Buy with confidence, I have 100% positive rating. Thank you!

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