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well, if they approached you with an offer, you may want to take that into consideration. Also, find out their highest bid, and then try and push alittle higher. If it doesnt work, fall back on the original bid.

I would suggest for all three, probably $750. Maybe more...

It looks like they want me to make the first move. I am just a bit nervous about scaring them off with a high price tag. I thought $800 would be a good place to start (you say $750), but I also don't want to end up at $500. Maybe $900 is a better place to start? Your thoughts...
Always ask: "make me an offer". Then they will say, ok $200.

You reply: that is a bit low, I was thinking about $900.

So they say, hmmm that's too much. How about $500?

Your next move is either to accept, if you already shot high, or to say: Let's meet halfway, $700 :D

It's called "haggling" in the bazaars of Middle East. :D:D:D
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