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2KW.com (To Kuwait) Y8K.com (Year 8000) H4Y.com (Home for You) and fifty other 3-Char

Discussion in 'Domain Name Appraisal Discussion' started by kwok, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. kwok

    kwok Verified Exclusive Member DNFcollege.com Exclusive Member

    Jul 23, 2006
    Local Time:
    9:17 PM
    Dear DNF peers,
    Currently, I own 53 three characters domains, plus many single letter IDNs, dictionary words, as well as domains with PageRank. I have been registering, buying and collecting these names over the last 7 years. Sadly, I need to sell all my domains to pay for school expenses and to focus on studying; hence, I will need your help to apprise my domains so that I can sell them at the right price. I have put the complete list of my collection on d-m.net. For this posting, I have put up all 53 of my three character domains for appraisal. Some of these domains were registered as early as 1999 and some of them I have purchased from other sellers on the Internet. Here we go:
    A-9.org (Like the Amazon search service)
    D0L.com (Domain On-Line)
    e7t.com (ET; Exclusive 'e' domain)
    e8f.com (EF; Exclusive 'e' domain)
    e9k.com (e 9 thousand; EK; Exclusive 'e' domain)
    e9m.com (e 9 million; EM; Exclusive 'e' domain)
    f7m.com (FM radio)
    G4P.com (GAP; Girls for peek)
    G5Q.com (GQ magazine)
    i8p.com (IP address)
    J5Y.com (JOY)
    J5Y.net (JOY)
    J5Y.org (JOY)
    j6t.com (JOT)
    j7r.com (Jr)
    j7s.com (Js)
    n2j.com (To NJ; To New Jersey)
    N3s.com (Network3's; Nintendo III's)
    N7j.com (N7 journal)
    N7p.com (N7 postal)
    o7k.com (OK!)
    v2f.com (V2 Foundation)
    W6F.com .net (WWF; wildlife)
    W9T.com .net (WHAT?)
    U8P.com (UP!)
    Z6p.com (Zap!)
    G4N.com (For girl's network; G4 Network)
    J4i.com (For Joy Network; J4 Incorporated)
    L7i.com (L7 Incorporated)
    M7o.com (M7 online)
    S4o.com (For sex online; S4 online)
    o43.com (Oh For Free!)
    03U.com (oh free you)
    61J.com (NNL)
    28Q.com (NNL)
    2wn.com (To win; own)
    C2Y.com (Commerce to You; Customers to You)
    f4y.com (Fly; Fun for You)
    h4y.com (Hwy; Home for You)
    k4y.com (Key; Kitchen for You)
    t4y.com (Toy; Toy for You)
    u4y.com (University for You)
    v4y.com (Vendor for You)
    x4y.com (X for You)
    D-M.net (Domain Network)
    2KW.com (To Kuwait)
    2Uz.com (To You's)
    4IY.com (For Internet Youth)
    4Ls.com (Four L's; For Lawyer's)
    Y3k.net (Year 3000)
    Y8k.com (Year 8000)
    Thanks for your time and thanks for DN Forum for providing such a great community on the Internet.:bump2:

    b4q.com u4f.com v4q.com (New addition to the list)
    n2j.com p2j.com v2f.com (Reserved for dotorg)
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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