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Camgirls.com and DNF member?, wowser.

Discussion in 'General Domain Name Discussion' started by TheLegendaryJP, Dec 13, 2010.

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  1. TheLegendaryJP

    TheLegendaryJP Exclusive Member

    Jul 12, 2005
    Local Time:
    3:29 PM
    I am unsure how accurate the report is but when I read the domain it reminded me of a discussion here, is it still owned by a dnf member here ( Bionic )? Is this you Bionic that Frager refers to?

    Here is the article :eek:


    Monday, December 13, 2010
    Aussie Porn Mafia Orders Hit on Rick Schwartz

    "You think you're the father of the Internet, inside 5 years I'll run the DNS and take porno.com and everything you got, bank balance included.

    In an apparent deal gone bad after an Aussie porn producer tried to convince Rick to test a new affiliate program to redirecting his site Porno.com to CamGirls.com, threats are being made and legal action is pending. " You're comparing your trash landing page to Streamate.com? asks Graham Cooper owner of WifeFinder and Sex Machine from Kings Beach in Queensland. "This is the biggest ****ing cunt thing anybody has done to me, and I have the most numerous most powerful enemies of all time. You'll spend 10 years in a dingy for your next voyage. That's the biggest ****ing renege in all history you ASSHOLE."

    Penthouse owns Cams.com, a $50,000,000 per year site, their little sister to AdultFriendFinder.com. Mr. Cooper offered Rick $5,000 in affiliate commissions for the redirect. Rick currently earns over $1 million a year with the current and long-term feed provider. Rick's response to Cooper that drove Cooper ballistic after rejection of his offer, "Thanks, but not worth disrupting what I have. Wrong direction at that level."

    Cooper has a history of using threats and intimidation trying to wrangle the legitimate proeperty of others away under UDRP. Court papers identify Graham as "I Graham Andrew Cooper am a retired computer programmer and school teacher, theoretical computer scientist and paranormal claimant. I was employed as a contract computer programmer in Western Australia by Drillex, Minepro, Western Mining Corporation and FastTrack Computer Services to name a few. I cannot work due to being labelled an extortionist by WIN News among others, so I currently own the website CamGirls.com and operate a pay per minute adult video conferencing website. For comparison Cams.com is owned by Penthouse and Adult Friend Finder, the world's largest dating website, and they declared a $32 million profit in 2007 with Cams.com."
    Posted by s at 6:43 AM 0 comments
    Labels: domain names, pornography, rick schwartz

    Interesting though, we are missing pieces....There must be alot of communication not mentioned, for example why would Cooper say "That's the biggest ****ing renege in all history you ASSHOLE" if there was no deal reached. If it was always a clear rejection, the statement doesnt make sense. I dunno maybe more will come out...
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2010
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