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Discussion in 'Domain Name Appraisal Discussion' started by joe, Aug 19, 2002.

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  1. joe

    joe Guest

    Local Time:
    2:24 AM
    Hi All,

    I found that freehotpics.com has 13500 typeins at goto, freeporn.com 13900 typeins, so are those two domains worth about the same?

    How much freeporn.net would worth?


    Great sexy night!
  2. joe

    joe Guest

    Local Time:
    2:24 AM

    Why there's no post on this domain name?

    Is it not good at all? The .com site ranks 300 on alexa, why so high?

    How come no one regs the .net etc? freesex.com only has 3300 on goto but all the extentions were long gone.

    So there is still some good typein domains are left unseen, got to pan them in the mass domain seas.

    I founf a few 100-200 typein .coms, but I rather get higher valued domains, if you want to know those 100's .coms let me know, free info.

    Take care!
  3. IPatlas

    IPatlas Gold Member

    May 7, 2002
    United Kindom
    Local Time:
    7:24 AM
    I don't personally think the number of searches reflects the number of actual typeins accurately.

    SOmeone pointed out that, to avoid leaving bookmark/shortcuts indicative of smut on prominent places like your desktop at work, folks may be typing the adult site in the search box (ie freeporn.com) and then folowing the search engine link to the site. This leaves no obvious marks that the boss, spouse or whomever shares the 'puter can see.
    If this theory is correct, these 13500 folks will never type freeporn.net in the search engine box (or the browser window for that matter) because they have never heard of it. The exception would be if they forgot or are confused. Also, the *actual typein count* (not the estimate form the search engine) at freeporn.com would be a better indication of the chances the net would get some.

    In any event, I dont think the .net version of a sucessful .com porn site will get as large number typeins as you might expect.
  4. joe

    joe Guest

    Local Time:
    2:24 AM
    I didn't expect, I just compare, tits.com and boobs.com each has 9000 typeins.

    How much you will pay for tits.net or boobs.net?

    I heard someone talking about 40k or 50k for those, is that correct?

    I bought americanwest.net, the .com only has 2000 typeins, why mole said it was a good buy? Americanwest.com alexa rank is only 900000.

    I only hope some of the people visited the .com site will try the other extention, even 1%, it should still woth the reg, I think.

    Did you sold any of my dns IP?
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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