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tix.mobi, memos.mobi, & 435 others

Discussion in 'Domains for Sale (Domain Sales) - Offers Wanted' started by danmanmktng, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. danmanmktng

    danmanmktng Platinum Member

    Sep 27, 2006
    Local Time:
    2:05 PM
    Guys, this is my list of .mobis. I am considering offers on them. Please PM me if you're interested, or better yet, shoot me an e-mail to danmanmktng@yahoo.com.

    Price range: mid-high $xxx for some, $x,xxx for some, $xx,xxx for a few.

    They are at several different registrars -- would like to do major deals through escrow.com.

    BIN for the list, $1.5M.


    P.S. If you want references, talk to Jeremy, DB, or a couple others I've dealt with.

    blog (7) -- freeblog.mobi, freeblogs.mobi, ijournal.mobi, memos.mobi, myjournal.mobi, phoneblog.mobi, phoneblogs.mobi

    cars (5) -- buynew.mobi, buyused.mobi, carfacts.mobi, msrp.mobi, newautos.mobi

    celeb (2) -- celebpics.mobi, celebritypics.mobi

    chat (14) -- ecafe.mobi, echat.mobi, habla.mobi, hangout.mobi, imchat.mobi, irc.mobi, italk.mobi, kidstalk.mobi, letsmeet.mobi, mobiletalk.mobi, mygroups.mobi, talkback.mobi, voicechat.mobi, whisper.mobi

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