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TrailerShopper.com - Classified Ads

Discussion in 'Developed Websites for Sale' started by dechast, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. dechast

    dechast Platinum Member

    Jan 9, 2005
    georgia, usa
    Local Time:
    2:48 PM

    Up for sale is the web site www.TrailerShopper.com along with 20 related domains. TrailerShopper.com is a classified ads site for trailers of all types (ie. horse trailers, motorcycle trailers, enclosed trailers, utility trailers, etc...). The site was established in July 2004. The domain was purchased new in 2002.

    The site is running on a heavily modified license of Esvon Classifieds (http://www.esvon.com). The script alone is $610 USD. I have the following modules licensed for the site:
    • Banner Ad Module ($117)
    • Zip Radius Search ($122)
    • Member Web Site Module ($366) - this is the module that allows the Remote Linked Inventory mentioned further down.

    Esvon performed close to $1000 worth of custom coding on the site also to add various features.


    • Uniques = 35,000+ visitors a month.
    • Pageviews = 40,000 to 60,000 per day according to AwStats
    • Bandwidth = Approximatley 1 GB per day
    • Over 100 ads placed per month

    Please PM for proof of stats.


    Adsense - Since the release from the Google sandbox earlier this year, the site has been making between $1100 to $1500 per month. Before the sandbox release, Adsense earnings were between $400 to $900.

    Ad Upgrades/Renewals - Averaging 3 to 4 per month. Increasing with site popularity.

    Paying Dealers - Several dealers paying $99.95 per month.

    I have kept ad placing free for individuals. With over 100 ads being placed per month, at this point you could easily start charging $10+ per ad for more revenue.

    Banner Ads - None of the banners running at the moment are paid banners. I've been running in-house banners and banners for some of the paying dealers. I haven't pushed banner sales yet.

    Please PM for proof of income and specific revenue details.

    Search Engine Stats:

    The site is currently PR4. There are 3,960 pages indexed in Google. A portion of these pages are from using the Freebie Tool from Seo-Toys.com. Google reports 467 backlinks also. The site has been running the COOP program from DigitalPoint.com for the last few months. The COOP weight is currently at 3,331. The COOP account is also included in the sale.

    As with most new sites, TrailerShopper.com was sandboxed by Google until earlier this year. It's done well with Yahoo and MSN since shortly after launching. Now that the site has been out of the sandbox, it is receiving some nice SERPs in Google for several competitive keywords:

    • used trailers: #6 Google #3 Yahoo #3 MSN
    • trailer classifieds: #2 Google #2 Yahoo #1 MSN
    • enclosed trailers: #10 Google #10 Yahoo #1 MSN
    The site has nice rankings for a lot of other terms, but these are the ones that I check on a regular basis.


    At this point, the site requires minimal daily maintenance. The most obvious task is checking email from the site for dealer signups. When a trailer dealer signs up for the Premium Dealer service, you have to manually create them an account through the admin panel. Next you have to create their recurring billing cycle at your merchant provider. I've been using Authorize.net. After that, you email them back their login details along with a welcoming email that contains some tips and suggestions. This will also be included in the sale. Ad upgrades and renewals are automatic. The payment for them is currently being handled with PayPal.


    I've been spending approximately $200 a month on PPC campaigns with Google Adwords, Searchfeed.com & Findwhat.com combined. Now that the site is ranking well in Google SERPs, I had planned on cutting out Searchfeed & Findwhat and also cutting back on Adwords.

    As mentioned above, I also use Digital Point's COOP program as part of my promotion. In the beginning, I did acquire some natural backlinks. Since I started using the COOP, I've been less aggressive in link exchanges. COOP weight as mentioned above is 3,331. COOP account is included in sale.

    I've written a few trailer related articles and also submitted them to various article repositories.


    The system allows individuals/private parties to place one free ad which can renewed after 30 days for $10. The ad can be upgraded to "Featured" for $15. This is all customizable in the administration panel. You can configure any type or amount of pricing plans you want.

    The system is also setup to cater to trailer dealers. Dealers can sign up as a Premium Dealer for $99.95/month and place an unlimited amount of ads. As a Premium Dealer they are entitled to several features that are not available to non-dealer users. Besides the fact that they can have unlimited ads, they can set the expiration date for their ads, receive Quote Requests and have a listing in the Find A Dealer section.

    They also have a page that includes their logo, contact info, and a listing of all of their ads on TrailerShopper.com. Within the last week, I setup two more Premium Dealer pricing plans. One is $49.95/month and allows up to ten ads to be placed. This plan carries the same features as the $99.95 plan but only allows ten ads. The other new pricing plan is a $149.95/month plan that has everything the $99.95/month plan has plus a Remote Linked Inventory feature that allows dealers with web sites to integrate their ads on TrailerShopper.com into their own web site without any mentioning of TrailerShopper.com.

    The Esvon Classifieds software is very powerful. There are just way too many features to try and list in this sale. With the add-on modules and custom coding available from Esvon, you can have the system do just about anything you can think of. I can provide some screenshots of the admin panel, but if you're serious about purchasing this site, I recommend you go to http://www.esvon.com and download and install the fully working trial version to get an idea of just what the system will do out of the box.

    The site also has a phpBB forum in place that receives some use. Someone familiar with jumpstarting forums could easily take what's already there and turn it into a very busy forum. There's really no other place online for trailer users to discuss trailers.

    The site is also running OSTicket for the support ticket system.

    The site is currently using phpAdsNew for the 468x60 banner at the top. The cubes on the right side are being served by a licensed copy of Adpeeps that I installed a couple of weeks ago. My plans were to phase out phpAdsNew and use Adpeeps exclusively.

    Also Included in Sale:

    I'm also including the following trailer related domains in the sale. They are all at GoDaddy. Some are up for renewal this year and some aren't. They are:


    Reason for Selling:

    I want to focus more on my e-commerce business and would like to use the proceeds from the sale of this site to invest more in my e-commerce business.

    Asking Price: $38,000 OBO
    Payment through Escrow

    Contact Info:
    Email: derek at trailershopper.com
    Phone: 1-229-377-8054
    MSN dechast

    My asking price is not based on the 12-18 month revenue model that some view as the norm. The asking price is what it would take for me to sell the site.

    This is not an auction.

    Feel free to PM me or use the contact info above if you have any questions
Thread Status:
You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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