Auctions Stock photo and vector website and stock photo agency accounts earning over 1,000$ per year for sale


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Oct 1, 2003
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I am selling all my vector illustrations, website and all the property related to it such as my stock agency accounts where I uploaded all my vector illustrations, photos and a few videos and a few animations.

Price: $2,500

Ideal buyer: A buyer that does graphics or webdesign that frequently use icons or photos who loves to earn on the side.

The buyer may not be necessarily an artist, but at least be creative enough by combining an icon from another icon to form another separate vector item so that you can add more to the current 1,800 icons.


Vectors and Illustrations: 1,800 items (estimate)

Photos: 300 items (estimate)

Videos and animations: 10 items (estimate)

You get all the full ownership and copyright. I will never sell these anywhere, just for personal use. I will never use any of the vectors nor its parts in my new illustrations (for commercial uses)..


The website is using CMSAccount vector / photographer stand-alone script (worth $39)

Uses SSL for https (worth 9$ a year)

The website is not earning at the moment, I did try Adsense and Facebook Ads, it only got one signup.

It was passively earning 10 to 20$ a month when it was using Wordpress (Symbiosis plugin) backend even without using ad marketing.

Marketing or SEO problem? I don’t know.

Stock agency accounts:

1. Getty / iStock portfolio:

Getty / iStock earnings:

Earning estimate: 25 to 35$ a month

2019 estimated earnings: $350

2. Adobe / Fotolia portfolio

Adobe / Fotolia earnings:

Earning estimate: 20 to 30$ a month

2019 earnings: $386.56

3. Shutterstock portfolio:

Shutterstock earnings:

Earning estimate: 30 to 50$ a month

2019 earnings: $749.53

4. 123RF portfolio:

123RF earnings:

Earning estimate: 40 to 48 $ per year

2019 earnings: $47.57

5. CanStockPhoto: portfolio:

Canstockphotos earnings:

Earning estimate: 20 to 30$ per year

6. Depositphotos portfolio:

Depositphotos earnings:

Earnings estimate: 15 to 20$ per year

7. Dreamstime portfolio:

Dreamstime earnings:

I stop uploading here because their inspectors are overly choosy.

Customized gift websites:


Zazzle earnings:

Where to pay, 2 ways:

1., Both buyer and seller are secure. Buyer pays the fees.

2. Paypal. The buyer should be willing to wait for 48 hours before I handover the username and passwords. The 2-day wait is withdrawing the money into the bank, this is to protect the seller.
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