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Mar 16, 2006
Halifax, Canada
Hey folks :) I'm cleaning out my server and have a few sites that need to go to make room for my current projects. BIN prices have been set to sell but feel free to make any offer you think is reasonable, all 10 need to go! - $100

I'm a big FF fan and I started this project with big plans but haven't had much time to devote to it. The site consists of a wiki (MediaWiki), an image gallery (Coppermine), a video gallery (Coppermine) and a blog (WordPress - Chimera). The image gallery is full of images from all FF titles, the video gallery has a few videos in it, the wiki has about 10 pages and the blog has some great articles including a six-part "history of the series" article that I wrote. - $40

A general science blog that I started and then forgot about. Uses the Chimera theme over an up-to-date WordPress installation. All articles there were written by me. - SOLD - $50

An eco blog that I started a while back. Uses the Chimera theme and contains 1500+ words of unique handwritten content. - SOLD - SOLD - $10

A half-assed effort at a hockey wiki - I did write a few player profiles but never got comfortable enough with the software to move forward. A nice domain if you'd like to continue the project. - SOLD - $50

Based on the Chimera theme for WordPress, a nice looking RPG gaming news/info site that I simply don't have time for. - $40

A tech/gadget blog that I started a while back and forgot about. Uses the Revolution theme; tons of potential for techies!

NOTE: The repeated use of Revolution and Chimera themes for WordPress are 100% legal - I possess a developer's licence with both sites and this can be confirmed with the original authors of either theme if necessary. All domains are registered at GoDaddy and will come with a free push. Sites can be transferred via a downloadable backup or directly to your WHM/cPanel server if possible. If you require support with the setup of any site you purchase from me you can count on support for as long as you need it :)
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