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2024 ICA Annual Member Meeting in Las Vegas: Early Bird Pricing & Special Promotions!


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Sep 6, 2023
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Hello ICA members and potential new members,

We're thrilled to announce that our January ICA Annual Member Meeting is returning to Resorts World in Las Vegas! If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, you have a few more days to take advantage of the early bird price of $399 per ticket.

If you're not a member yet and are considering joining, now is a perfect time.
Join at the following levels and receive discounts or free tickets to the event
  • Premium Individual: Join at $600 annually and receive a 50% discount on one ticket.
  • Bronze Membership: Join at $1000 annually and receive one free ticket.
  • Bronze Plus or Silver Membership: Join at $2500 – $5000 annually and receive two free tickets.
  • Gold Membership and above: Join at $10,000 or more and receive three free tickets.
Get your ticket now: ICA Annual Meeting Registration or contact Kamila (kamila @ internetcommerce.org) for the promotion details. Learn more about the meeting here.

See you in Las Vegas!

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