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3-char domain reselling mini-guide

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Just my 2 cents on the subject - I resell a lot of 3 char domains.

Here is my pricing model:

1A5.com = $25
1A1.com = $30
1AC.com = $35
1AA.com = $40
A11.com = $50
A15.com = $50

These are not real domains on sale, it's meant as an example of how the digits and letters affect the value of the domain.

Of course domains of this kind that are either pronouncable or contain very popular characters would go for more:

QB4.com = $60-$75 (pronounced 'cube four')
G8K.com = $100-$120 (pronounced 'gate keeper')


I don't resell 3-char .NET domains, WITH THE EXCEPTION of these that contain 1 letter and 2 identical numbers, such as:

T66.net = $50-$75
P44.net = $50-$75

etc etc

Currently, I don't resell 3-char .ORG domains at all.

I hope this helps. Do not underestimate the value of these short domains that can be used for anything due to their short length and - mostly with the domains I own - their pronouncability.

By the way, domains that contain '0' (zero) lose their value by about 10%, unless the '0' would substitute the letter 'o' and make the domain pronouncable, such as:

H0T.com = $75 - $100

I hope this mini guide helps.

its always worthwhile checking the market on these too as some are more valuable than it first seems.

I sold a letter+letter+number .com for over $1k (and the first letter was an "x", so you just never know.

Agreed. I do more picking of the cream of the crop than I used to do :D
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