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offers 4DPrinting.info For Sale With Site. Top 5 pages of Google for 4d printing!

Offers wanted on the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Nov 16, 2013
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Awesome domain in the growing 4d printing niche, which is an exploding market forecast by 2025 to be a $550,000,000+ industry by 2025 - http://www.marketsandmarkets.com/Market-Reports/4d-printing-market-3084180.html

A brief background of 4dprinting.info:

I bought the domain a while back and wanted to build an authoritative site in this space to inform people about the latest developments 4d printing related. To this end many high quality unique articles were written and posted and with 0 SEO carried out some of the articles got shared on high quality sites and the backlinks are still there today such as:


Due to the sheer high quality of content with many articles over 2000 words each, the site ranked in the top 10 pages of Google for 4d printing where it remains today on page 5 for an inner page:

The term 4d printing is incredibly competitive, so just imagine what some more hard work can achieve even without SEO. It also ranks for other 4d printing related keywords and gets some traffic. Please feel free to check out the rankings yourself to verify.

I am happy to sell the domain by itself or the whole site as part of a package if desired. With the right dedication this site can become a true authority in this space over time. I am simply too busy to maintain it or to build further on it, which is why i'm considering selling.

Please make serious offers for the domain and/or site either via the thread or PM.
The domain is at godaddy, but can be transferred out if desired.

Paypal or escrow depending on the buyer.
Any questions please feel free to ask me.
Lots of interest so far, thanks to all the early PM's.

To clarify, the site can be put added as part of the sale with the domain if desired, as long as a serious offer for the domain is received of course.

This would suit more the website developer side of things, but with numerous page 1 rankings for various keywords and page 5 for 4d printing then it's certainly a big bonus for those interested in going that route.

Get your PM's in ASAP.

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