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60 Geographical Location Domains in .Com .Org .Biz .US Including Indy.us

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Jul 15, 2002
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Here is a new SALE LIST featuring 60 Geographical Place domains in Com, Org, Biz, US & WS. We will have .Info tomorrow (along with a group of Real Estate business domains). Most of these names are taken in all surrounding extensions and have excellent search numbers. The domains are available at these prices during the next 48 HOURS ONLY. All come with a free push at the registrar indicated (expiration dates are also shown). Where Overture #’s are shown, figure is for the word or term without extension.



MyHomeState.com $49
Not a specific place but a nice name for a guide to news & events for people who have relocated. Enom 03/30/05


Atlanta-Georgia.org $45
Over 76,000 in OT! Even the hyphenated version is taken in all major extension + .ws! (Dotster 8/20/2005)

CentralOhio.org $49
Enom 03/23/05

Mirabel.org $49
Several Mirabels around the world. (Enom 01/17/05)

SeaIsland.org $49
Popular Georgia resort (Enom 4/1/2005)

Sunbury.org $39
Towns in several states including PA & OH. (Dotster 02/26/05)

Tampa-Florida.org $49
Over 34,000 in OT! Hyphenated version taken in all major extensions. (Enom 4/2/2005)

VancouverCanada.org $79
Major Canadian city that will be hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics! Get it now before the price skyrockets. (Dotster 7/30/2004)


Aragon.biz $79
Bluehill 05/20/05

BigEasy.biz $69
Nickname for New Orleans. WildWest 06/22/05

Bimini.biz $199
Famous resort island. (Enom 02/17/05)

BucksCounty.biz $79
Famous Philadelphia area county popular with tourists with population over 600,000. WildWest 01/19/05

Burbank.biz $399
Famous L.A. community that is home to movie & TV studios (including NBC). Also a well-known surname. Population over 100,000. 1.5 Million page refs at Google! ( Enom 01/24/05)

Burgundy.biz $199
Famous region in France with great wine. (Enom 01/30/05)

CocoaBeach.biz $149
Very popular Florida Atlantic Coast resort. Over 15,000 in OT. (Enom 02/24/05)

CrescentCity.biz $49
A New Orleans nickname and real name for other cities. WildWest 06/22/05

Danbury.biz $99
Best known one is in Connecticut. 1.4 Million Google page refs. (Enom 01/14/05)

Elkhart.biz $99
Indiana city with over 50,000 population. (Enom 02/23/05)

Fairmont.biz $79
Several Fairmonts, including New Jersey. Over 2 Million page refs at Google. (Enom 01/26/05)

GrandForks.biz $69
Key North Dakota city (just under 50,000 pop). (WildWest 01/26/05)

Gunnison.biz $49
Well-known Colorado city. (Enom 02/25/05)

Isle.biz $99
Isle of Capri, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, the list is endless. Taken in virtually every extension. (Enom 01/25/05)

Meadowlands.biz $69
New Jersey, just across from the Big Apple. (Enom 01/25/05)

Metroplex.biz $69
The Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area. (Enom 01/23/05)

MotorCity.biz $99
Is there anyone that doesn’t know Detroit’s famous nickname? (WildWest 02/15/05)

Muskegon.biz $49
Well-known Michigan lakefront city. (Enom 02/28/05)

OakGrove.biz $49
There are dozens of towns with this name! (WildWest 02/16/05)

PacificCoast.biz $79
WildWest 02/16/05

Scarsdale.biz $49
New York community & a famous diet! (Enom 01/16/05)

Southland.biz $299
Everyone in L.A. will know this term. Used locally to describe the greater Los Angeles area. Used by a bazillion businesses! Over a million page refs at Google. (Enom 01/21/05)

SunshineState.biz $199
The other name for Florida known round the world. (Enom 01/21/05)

TampaFlorida.biz $49
WildWest 01/21/05

Tiffin.biz $39
Ohio community and surname. (WildWest 02/23/05)


Baytown.us $399
Texas city over 66,000 population. Enom 05/30/05

Bergen.us $299
New Jersey (County pop. Close to 1 million!) WildWest 06/08/05

Cambria.us $499
Famous California coastal resort town (Hearst Castle), Over 15,000 in OT. WildWest 06/12/05

CapitalCity.us $99
Enom 06/22/05

EauClaire.us $399
Wisconsin city over 61,000 population. Enom 06/01/05

Indy.us $499
Nickname for Indianapolis – major city. EV1 06/03/05

Lauderhill.us $299
Florida city over 57,000 population. Enom 05/29/05

Marietta.us $399
Georgia city (and many other states) over 66,000 population. Enom 05/29/05

Meadowlands.us $69
WildWest 06/17/05

Mendocino.us $99
Famous San Francisco area county (hit song about it) WildWest 06/18/05

Monmouth.us $199
New Jersey countu over 600,000 population. WildWest 06/18/05

NewYork-NewYork.us $199
You may have heard of the place! Enom 07/03/05

PacificBeach.us $99
San Diego area community. WildWest 06/22/05

Peninsula.us $299
Over 10,000 in OT. Used by thousands of businesses and areas.WildWest 06/22/05

Pocono.us $99
Famous Pennsylvania mountain resort area. WildWest 06/22/05

QueenCity.us $99
Cincinnati’s nickname (also used by some other cities like Charlotte) WildWest 06/22/05

RaleighDurham.us $99
Famous twin cities in North Carolina’s research triangle. Population close to 500,000. WildWest 05/30/05

Redondo.us $79
L.A. area beach town. Enom 05/14/05

RiverCity.us $79
Nickname for Memphis. WildWest 06/22/05

Skokie.us $99
Chicago area community over 63,000 population. Enom 06/01/05

SonomaValley.us $99
Famous northern California wine region. WildWest 06/23/05

StarIsland.us $39
There is one in several states. (WildWest 9/19/2004)

Tampa-Florida.us $69
MyDD 05/11/05

Vancouver.us $399
Washington State city with population over 143,000. EV1 06/05/05

WakeForest.us $199
Famous North Carolina college town. Over 11,000 in OT. WildWest 06/24/05

Woodlands.us $99
Teaxs city over 55,000 population. Over 16,000 in OT. WildWest 04/28/05


Cincinnati.ws $79
Major city, over 57,000 in OT. WildWest 07/10/05

Post SOLD in this thread to claim domains (this list is being made available in several venues so all domains are subject to prior sale). Time stamp on posts will determine who made the first claim. Payment to be made with 24 hours by PayPal (U.S. customers can also use any major credit card).

You are also invited to visit our two sales sites: www.BrandsPlus.com for Com-Net-Org and www.NewNames.info for Biz-Info-US. Feel free to make an offer on anything you like. You will find more than 4,500 domains to choose from.



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Jul 15, 2002
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Mendocino.us SOLD
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