A Dozen 3-Letter .INFOS! - No QXYZ

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Jul 15, 2002
Here is a special SALE LIST featuring a dozen 3-letter .info domains, with none of the usual Q,X,Y,Z Letters you see on 3-letter sale lists. Sale ends in 24 hours. Free push at the registrar shown and the expiration date is also listed:

EEK.info SOLD Enom 12/11/05

EHL.info $99 Enom 01/09/06

HLL.info $79 Enom 12/24/05

IFV.info $59 Domainut 05/08/05

OEP.info SOLD Enom 02/22/06

OLL.info $79 Enom 02/25/06

OWR.info $59 BlueHill 09/12/05

TEV.info $79 Enom 12/19/05

UPE.info $79 Enom 12/18/05

VOV.info $59 Enom 02/13/06

WUI.info SOLD Domainut 12/25/05

WVS.info $79 Enom 01/30/06

Post SOLD in this thread to claim domains (this list is being made available in several venues so all domains are subject to prior sale). Time stamp on posts will determine who made the first claim. Payment to be made with 24 hours by PayPal (U.S. customers can also use any major credit card).

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