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May 29, 2018
Mumbai, India
ARBITRATIONLAWYERS.COM last sold for $1,720 on 2012-05-07 at NameJet and currently it being offer of sale at USD 14999.

I had registered arblawyers.com (currenlty valuation on godaddy is USD 1179). I had put this domain for sale at USD 1200. Can I get more than this?


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Oct 12, 2003
Firstly please put future domains together in one post for appraisal where you have a lot of new registrations.

This is a very bad way to enter the industry and will result in you quickly losing investment money. Godaddy appraisals mean nothing and certainly cannot be used to try and ascertain a value of a current domain or one you are going to register - you will just end up throwing money away.
The sale you quoted happened 6 years ago and it is irrelevant what they are asking for it now. Anyone can ask whatever they want - it doesn't mean they will sell it for that. If they haven't sold it again in 6 years for more than they paid this is an indicator of how (un)desirable the domain is.
Finally the domain they bought is at least a recognised phrase with 224,000 exact match searches in google - 'arb lawyers' however is not with only 220 exact matches.
I would say this domain is worthless and I really would advise against registering more until you have read through the forum and got a feel for what sells in the industry. You have requested appraisals now on 4 fresh registrations (within the last few days) and they are all heading along the same route.

If my post sounds harsh I don't mean you to take it personally. :) I would never advise anyone to base their selling price on our opinions here nor would I advocate buying domains to sell based on our valuations - yet that is what people are doing in essence with godaddy and other automated appraisals.
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Sep 4, 2002

lot of newbies seem to go thru historical sales sites and dig up domain sales, then register some low quality name as a comparable.

they don't look when that name was sold and try to compare the price with "the sign of the times" at that time in domaining.

and...to try and use an abbreviation of the full word in this case, further dilutes appeal and value..