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they say now back (they are a big company
answered me within the hour

he's answered this
What is your reasoning for asking such a high figure?
what shall i do i asked $1500

i have no clue

can someone give me professional advice
this company is rich


what do i have to answer?

I am not good at this
i follow standard procedure
but i am stuck on his last e-mail:

What is your reasoning for asking such a high figure?

my question is:
what shall i do i asked $1500 and he replyed that

Well they have a couple of trademarks over the word "atlantis" for casinos etc, so they may just be digging for info for a wipo suit, which would explain why they are asking why you're asking such a high price. My advice would be to be very careful what you say and try and settle on a reasonable figure, the higher you go the greater the chance of them using legal means.

You may get $1500 but I wouldn't be assuming that your in a strong bargaining position.


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Now i being serious here.

The thing to maybe say is, ahh, sorry but this name is not for sale.

I am from Poland and i dunno much about English, i registered this name for a client from Krygekastan who is setting up a site called the .. .

But i made a typo and registered the wrong name, now my client has sacked me, so i thought i would make my own casino now that i have no client.

when i asked you for $1500 i missed a ZERO off the end typo again due to my poor English maybe $15,000 would tempt me to sell, so sorry for my poor english much i dunno about this business of selling my planned business.

I have to go now, so please forget about it unless you wish to make me a sub branch of your casino in Poland.

:swg: That might work then again it may not.

Ask the wonderfull member who keeps hitting the enter button all the time, for his advice, he is wanting to say somthing wonderfull im sure.

But Snoopy probably knows best ... :rolleyes:


lot of thinkwork but i've send this to him few mins ago

Dear Sir/Madam,

I've mentioned in my e-mail that I would like to make it available
for sale to other parties.

There are also other parties perhaps interested for example wich i am going to contact today.
They run a licensed online casino using that name.

I am open for negotiation for the price with you.


Jeroen Puttemans,

Are they asking you question on "bad faith" huh?
Didn't you spend $1,400.- on buying the domain from someone else? :laugh:

I no nuffin.



i dont understand your comment

maybe next time in englisch



i am dreamer but if nobody wants this domain name
il'l just add it to the rest

a hobby is a hobby
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