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fixed price Bargain Domains Under $20 NotebookSuprlus.com + More

Fixed prices set for the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Feb 6, 2007
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This is a great chance to buy decent domains to start building out as e-commerce sites, adsense sites or just get your hands wet in web development.

All domains are reg via Godaddy and are first come first sold.

Payments via paypal and please have a Godaddy account for the push. Post SOLD to claim and PM me your godaddy info while I send you my paypal info.

Thank you and good luck!

BaconConcept (com)
reg 9-2-2014

NotebookSurplus (com)
reg 9-4-2014

ToolDevelopment (com)
reg 9-27-2014

DesignsThemes (com)
reg 9-7-2014

CappedTeeth (com)
reg 9-18-204

VerballyAbusive (com)
reg 8-31-2014

CellPlanPrices (com)
reg 1-16-2015

BasicPhoneService (com)
reg 9-26-2014

PokerWorkshops (com)
reg 11-9-2009

LoveLongIsland (com)
reg 8-3-2003

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