Offers Wanted BitcoinTrustFund (.) org plus a few more


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Feb 27, 2005
Oct 19 - Prices at their lowest upfront

LocalBitcoinExchange (.) org - $50 - $2K
FalconMediaInc (dot) com - $15K

Payment Options:
*Google Pay App (preferred by USA members)
*Cash App (accepts payments up to $25K)
* is ok if the price is $1K+

See LocalBitcoins(.)com as reference for the .org - local bitcoin exchange site

*Google Pay App (takes 2 minutes if you don’t already have it - simply download the mobile app, add your gmail and card and you are ready to pay)

PM to claim
Fast, professional transactions

Domains are at GoDaddy and one at Moniker for a quick push

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