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news NamesCon 2024 Live Auction

Sep 11, 2021
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RightOfTheDot Set to Host Groundbreaking Digital Asset Auction at NamesCon 2024 Featuring Super Premium Web2 and Web3 Digital Assets​


AUSTIN, Texas, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- RightOfTheDot, LLC (ROTD.com), the premier destination for domain name sales, brokerage, auction, consulting, and advisement, is excited to announce its auction of premium digital assets, spotlighting an exceptional array of Web2 and Web3 domain names, at NamesCon 2024. As the highlight event of the domain name industry's pinnacle annual conference, this auction will unfold live on June 6, 2024, at 3:00 PM CT, within the prestigious Omni Hotel, Downtown Austin, Texas, during the NamesCon Global Digital Asset Conference.

Domain names and digital assets being auctioned, some with appraised valuations of 6 and 7 figures.
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NamesCon- Live Auction
NamesCon- Live Auction
NamesCon 2024 Live Digital Asset Auction
NamesCon 2024 Live Digital Asset Auction

Guided by the legendary Monte Cahn of RightOfTheDot.com and world-champion auctioneer Wayne Wheat, this auction will present a meticulously curated collection of highly sought-after digital assets and domain names, signaling a pivotal moment in the convergence of traditional and blockchain-based digital ecosystems.

The auction will feature a diverse selection of premium digital assets, including Web3 digital assets supplied by industry leaders Unstoppable Domains and Freename.
Sample of Digital Assets: Dog•com, Fish•com, Massages•com, CarDealer•com, Desktop•com, DataStorage•com, HealthSpas•com, Riots•com, Horses•com, SeniorDating•com, MountainBiking•com, Stew•com, DataStorage•com, ReggaeMusic•com, Army•ai, Consulting•ai, Blue•org, Christmas•net, Wallet•x, Beer•x, a•nft, 8•polygon, My•metaverse, Bet•gaming, and •admin.

Pre-bidding is now open, inviting prospective participants to register and explore the full catalog of digital assets at bid.rotd.com. The live auction offers an unparalleled opportunity for business owners, end users, and investors to secure prime digital real estate, complemented by an online, timed auction extending the excitement until June 18, 2024.
"With over $585 million in sales to date, RightOfTheDot continues to lead and innovate within the digital asset space," noted Monte Cahn, President and Director of RightOfTheDot, LLC. "Our upcoming auction at NamesCon 2024 represents not just a sale, but a landmark event for the digital asset industry, showcasing the immense value and potential of Web2 and Web3 domains."

RightOfTheDot's legacy of record-setting domain name and digital asset sales underscores its pivotal role in elevating industry standards and the perceived value of digital properties worldwide.

About RightOfTheDot:
RightOfTheDot, LLC is the premier licensed and accredited organization specializing in the sales, brokerage, auction, consulting, and advisement of premium domain names and digital assets. Led by domain industry pioneer Monte Cahn, RightOfTheDot stands at the forefront of the digital age, offering unparalleled expertise in the valuation, positioning, and sale of digital real estate. Cahn, also serving as the managing partner of Dot Hip Hop, LLC (www.Get.HipHop), boasts an illustrious career that includes founding Moniker.com and serving as the former President of SnapNames.com.
For further information and to register for the auction, please visit bid.rotd.com.
Contact: Scott Pruitt – [email protected]
SOURCE RightOfTheDot
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