Businesses Operating In Wales Get Priority For .cymru And .wales Domain Names

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Nov 27, 2013
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Nominet announced today that businesses operating in Wales will have priority for .Cymru and .Wales domain names, starting today, i.e., November 3rd, 2014
While Welsh businesses are opting for the new domains to underline their Welsh connections, research has shown that 70% of Welsh consumers also express a preference for .Cymru and .Wales over some other popular domains such as .COM

The announcement was made as follows:

Businesses operating in Wales will go straight to the front of the queue for the new .cymru and .wales domain names from today. For those keen to promote their association with Brand Wales, applications open at midday on 3 November and close at midday on 24 December 2014.
Advertising / marketing materials, websites, stationery and photographs can all be used by businesses to show that they are eligible for the domain name and that they actively use it in Wales, or a signed declaration by a UK solicitor or a trademark lawyer. If there is more than one valid application for the same domain name then it will be subject to an auction.
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