Central365.com, karens.org, many others with fixed prices.

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Feb 15, 2010

CENTRAL365.COM - $80. Great website name for political website. Also, many informational websites could be hosted on this domain.

VOYAGERSEX.COM - $50. Adult site domain with more than 1000 exact searches per month.

BATTLEFIELD-2.COM - $20. Almost the best internet website name for popular game Battlefield 2 players!


MAFIA-WARS.NET - $50. Great domain name for one of most popular Facebook games!

FINDIN.NET - $600. One of most popular shortened words!

eUpdates.net - Make offer.


KARENS.ORG - $50. Domain could be used by any Karen.


MASCARAS.US - $20. Great sounding name for wrestling websites!

CONTINUING.US - $50. Continuing education, continuing healthcare, there are many uses for this one. Only $50, when ContinuingEducation.us was sold for $400.


CAST.WS - $100. Tv, shows cast.


HOMER.IN - $30. Do'h! Homer Simpson fansite.

DESTROY.IN - $30. Perfect website name for entertainment, media sites.

GETTIN.IN - $20. Just a great domain for Hip-Hop website!


NASTY.ES - $1000. No comments needed on this one.

WAGERING.ES - $1000.

Prices are not final, I might accept Your offer!

My E-Mail: BalnysSimonas@gmail.com
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