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developed Established Vbulletin webmaster forum for sale

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Oct 10, 2002
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I posted this on webhostingtalk yesterday - i got the same kind of questions so hopefully this will speed things up by posting as much as i can here :)

Reason for Selling : Im going backpacking for 4 months in asia. I leave at
the end of august and i need all the cash i can get. I have have a lot of
debt from backpacking last year as well.

Any revenue : I recently started targeted visitor banners on and ive made
about $20 through that but i havent tried to advertise any webmaster related site. I have used the sites to drive traffic to my domain reselling site
www.815domains.com and my friends hosting site wlhosting (and his order
system site too).

Stats : Webmasterarena ( www.webmasterarena.com ) averages around 100 unique visitors per day and
about 2500-3000 visitors per month (Using Awstats). Webmasterlinksdirectory (www.webmasterlinksdirectory.com) averages about 30 unique visitors per day. I havent promoted any of these
sites other than linking them together although two weeks ago i did exchange
links with 3 webmaster related sites.

Price : Im looking for $2500+ for webmasterarena and $300+ for
webmasterlinksdirectory. This is non-negotiable - if you do not agree with
these prices then thank you for your enquriy and good luck. I do not want to
trade sites and it is not worth me selling anything below this as the sites
drive very targeted traffic to my domain reselling site which brings in good
money for me. So if you do not want to pay this price please do not waste
your time and mine by following it up with any queries. Sorry if this seems
impolite. I have sold about 35 of my sites in the last 2 weeks and 50% of
people ask questions after question only to tell me at the end that they
dont have the cash - then they try and trade or offer me half the price or
whatever - it can be very time comsuming replying to enquiries etc which i
dont mind as long as the bid is serious :)

Payment method : Buyer pays fees. Paypal, moneybookers, direct deposit.
Preference will go to the buyer who can get payment to me quickly (Eg.
someone paying by paypal would get the site over someone who is sending a
cheque - this is simply because im leaving in the next few weeks and need to
tie this up asap)

Any more info :

* An owned vbulletin license is included in the sale.
* The new owner is not allowed to replace my username with his. The content of all my posts as fonzerelli_79 belong to me. I sold a vbulletin forum
before which i had wrote a lot of long original articles. The new owner
simply changed the id to his so that the content looked as if it was his. I
do not agree with this. The new owner will have to sign up and then be made
admin - and then make me a regular member instead of admin.
* The design by P3RPL3XITY is unique and cost $700 3 months ago.
* If you are unsure about the integrity of trading with me, please feel
free to check my previous threads and contact anyone who has bought from me. I take pride making sure everything goes smoothly.
* Any site bought my stay on my server for a few weeks or whatever until you get everything sorted.
* They are not complicated sites although, of course, i will do everything i
can to help the new owner.

thanks folks :)

Kevin Muldoon
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