Expired/On-Hold Domain Search

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Jul 18, 2002
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Hey Guys,

Just to let you know, I'm offering free expired/on-hold/expiring
domain search on www.NameSniper.com with up to 15
keywords and other important filtering features.

Not a big deal, but I know a lot of you wanted to see a
place with features similar to DD and LocalWhois but
updated more often.

Well, my database files are powered by Exody (I license
the lists, not steal them like DD) the best domain lists
provider out there.

The NameSniper lists are updated once EVERY TEN MINUTES
via Exody FTP out so the results are VERY FRESH.

Keep in mind that the MONTHLY lists will take a few days to
build up (today is the first day the search is online). Also,
since the On-Hold database contains some 700,000+ domains
it may take up to 45 seconds to view the results.

Let me know what you think about the service and what
should be added to it!


Luc L.
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