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Dec 20, 2020
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A very common question from beginners is "How can I set the price of my domain in the marketplace?"
Many of us want to know the value of different domains. Many times our concern is whether this domain is really valuable. Price usually depends on the value of a domain. Many newcomers rely on the value generator tools available on the market. But they are mostly ineffective.

While setting up the price of your domain for sale, you may need to measure the following:

Previous Sale: Do this domain sold in the past? You can find out by searching different markets whether this domain was sold in the past and how much it cost.

Close Keywords: What was the nearby domain's price? You need to check the NameBio, DNprices, or other sales record tools to find out the price of nearby keyword domains. It will help you to understand the value of your domain.

Marketplace: See at what price the keyword domains near your domain are listed for sale in the market now. If the price of a domain is a little lower than other domains of the market, there is a possibility of selling soon.

User Size: If your domain has a lot of users, the price will be higher. Suppose your domain is Google, then your domain user has nothing to do even with 10 million USD. Again, if your domain is name is for a local bakery, then you can expect a 100 dollar bill.

Brandalibity: If your domains have the potentiality to become a big brand then you can expect higher prices for them.

These are only five important factors of a domain's price. Can you add some more factors or/and add some more words under these factors to share in the forum to help all of us?? Will appreciate your caring.
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Sep 15, 2009
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Asking for the money is the hardest part many people who begin sales face.

This can be from asking for $20,000, the sticker price on a car, to $100 as a price on a domain name.

It's a psychological challenge that needs to be overcome: Products and services cost.

Ask for the sale and ask for the price that you want considering the factors listed, but ask for something. That something can then open a dialogue or even a sale. If a conversation is started, you can ask for something in-between instead, if that wasn't already offered; and, if it's reasonable, take it.

But, learn to ask for the money first. Let that feeling of discomfort pass over and never return.


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Sep 4, 2002
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for a newbie,
even if they check all of the sources mentioned, in effort to "compare" their name -
how will they know if it's really comparable?

is the name they found a two-word .com and they have a three worder or is it the same exact domain, but in different extension?

even if they happen to come across a domain name that has sold before, that doesn't mean it will sell again.
as in, what did the previous buyer do with the domain?
did they build a website and then dropped it or did they park with a ppc platform or have a sales lander?

you'll see many sales threads where owner mentioned the previous sold @ price, in effort to entice buyers -
but it rarely has an effect to the savvy eye..... unless of course it's a great deal.

and a newbie, might not recognize a real deal when it appears, or have the budget to afford it.
just saying....

also, readers might want to read the thread below:



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Dec 20, 2020
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where owner mentioned the previous sold @ price
Yes, this is a common trend as showing the Estibot price when showcasing a name for sale. And people also fall on that 'trap'. This is an important area to understand.
in different extension?
Estimate the value of any extension other than .COM is a difficult task for sure. Even you can't rely on the past trend for some time. You can think about the .NET extension. It is supposed to be the 2nd best valuable extension, but what is the present scenario?
have the budget to afford it.
This is really true for many domainers who don't have a good earning source besides this.
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