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llll Fort.ly - SquadHelp approved, taken in 213 extensions with OFFERS!

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Jun 26, 2006
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-Taken in 213 extensions
-SquadHelp approved
-Previous offers ($2250 and $1000)
-Professionally designed logo (not by SH)
-4 letters, 1 word, incredibly versatile

A robust name inspired by the word 'fort'. Fort.ly is the perfect domain name for businesses related to the military or defense industry. The name is short, easy to remember, and evokes strength and security. Fort.ly is also a great choice for businesses specializing in fortifications, firearms, or security.

1. A security company that specializes in fortifying homes and businesses against intruders
2. A holdings company that manages a portfolio of properties and investments
3. A safety company that provides products and services to help people stay safe in their homes and communities
4. A company that manufactures and sells fortification products, such as safes and security systems
5. A company that provides security and safety consulting services

Registrar: Register.ly, expires 11/17. Renewal cost $75.

Serious offers only. Payment via SquadHelp or PayPal.

UPDATE: BIN $1500 $750 for next 48 hours!
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