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news Great news! Thomas Rickert has confirmed that he will take part in the Nominet's election debates!


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Mar 29, 2014
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Good morning all,

Great news! Thomas Rickert has confirmed that he will take part in the Nominet's election debates!

Such a professional, effective, and pleasant gentleman! No rush decisions.

More information about Thomas:
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasrickert/
About page at his company website: https://rickert.law/en/about-us/

I am very happy to see that we don't have drama here - pure professionalism and great manners > both Steve Wright and Thomas Rickert seem to be great candidates for this difficult role.

As for Jim Davies, there is still no positive news that would allow me to add him to the debates. We still have time for this.

Please make sure that you get your tickets at the https://www.summit.london as this will allow you to see the participants in person and ask them your questions so that you vote for the best man, and the best man wins!


p.s. I haven't got a reply from David Thorton yet (hopefully haven't missed it), and really hope that he gets a chance to join these debates yet. It would be great to see David, who seems to be a very smart and intelligent man.


Also, I understand that Kevin Murphy from Domain Incite (one of my favorite industry news sites) will be with us, it means even deeper questions and possibly an interesting and opinionated review on the debates, that will be interesting to read afterwards.

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