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Great PR7,.EDU Backlinks, Since 2000, BuildingControls.org, & More Quality PR Domains

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Jul 26, 2006
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Hello DP Friends

We are Selling Some Of Our Strong Quality Pagerank Domains, With Good Backlinks, Age, High Domain Authority & Page Authority. Our Collection Includes Strong Pagerank Domains From PR7 To PR2, Pls Check The Following.

MusicNewsNetwork (DOT NET)
171 Backlinks
Domain Authority = 27
Very Strong PR7, Dmoz Listed, Music Related, Strong .EDU & Other Quality Backlinks, Strong DA=27/100, Since 2000
13 Yrs Old

KaClassics (DOT COM)
66 Backlinks
Domain Authority = 23
4 Yrs Old

FairTaxIndiana (DOT NET)
3324 Backlinks
Domain Authority = 31
Very Strong PR6, Tax Related, 232 Referring Domains, Thousands of Quality .EDU & Other Backlinks, Domain Authority=31/100, Since 2005
8 Yrs Old

GahanWilson (DOT COM)
14449 Backlinks
Very Strong PR5, 272 Referring domains, Strong .EDU & other Quality Backlinks, Strong DA=39/100, Since 2000
Domain Authority = 39
13 Yrs Old Since 2000

Fayhoo (DOT COM)
PR5 (Single Dictionary Word)
20,310 Backlinks
Very Strong PR5, Single Word, 2777 Referring Domains, Thousands of Quality .EDU & Other Backlinks, Domain Authority=43/100, Since 2000
Domain Authority 43
13 Yrs Old Since 2000

BuildingControls (DOT ORG)
113 Backlinks
Domain Authority = 19
11 Yrs Old

JgTemplates (DOT COM)
517 Backlinks
Very Strong PR5, Web Design Related, 131 Referring domains, Strong .EDU & other Quality Backlinks, Strong DA=34/100, Since 2003
Domain Authority = 34

KirreshGroup (DOT COM)
PR 4
Backlinks (465777)
Very Strong PR4,Business Related, 149 Referring Domains, Hundred of Thousands Quality .EDU & Other Backlinks
Domain Authority = 42
4 Yrs Old

Celebrity-WallPapers (DOT ORG)
Backlinks = 12583
Domain Authority = 34
5 Yrs Old

Flight-History (DOT COM)
Backlinks = 1534
Very Strong PR4, Flight History & Aviation Related, 504 Referring Domains,Thousands of .EDU / .GOV & Other Backlinks, Strong DA=49/100, Great History!
Domain Authority = 49
5 Yrs Old

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